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Southcoast Adventure is a local tour operator, operating tours in the south of Iceland with a wide selection of activities.

Please contact us for information about our custom made private tours. We can assist with multi-day adventure and accommodation.


Meet our staff

Ársæll Hauksson (Sæli)
Owner & Driver/Guide
Þorgerður Guðmundsdóttir (Gogga)
Owner & Sales/Marketing
Magnús Kristjánsson
Lead Guide
Hilmar Finnsson
Driver & Guide
Sigurbjörg Fríða Ólafsdóttir (Sigga Fríða)
Driver & Guide
Árni Þór Guðjónsson
Driver & Guide/pop star
Ástvaldur Helgi Gylfason (Valdi)
Guide/ Quality&safety manager
Kári Rafn Þorbergsson
Driver & Head of operations
Narfi Hrafn Þorbergsson
Driver & mechanic
Smári Sigurgrímsson
Driver & Guide
Stefán Pétur Gunnarsson
Driver & Guide
Eiður Smári Valsson
Driver & Guide
Elísabeth Lind Ingólfsdóttir
Travel designer
Rebekka Kolbeinsdóttir
Travel designer

.. and cars

6x6 Ford Super Jeep
Ford Super Jeep
Ford Super Jeep
Nissan Patrol Super Jeep
Nissan Patrol Super Jeep
Maggi skór
Nissan Patrol Super Jeep
Nissan Patrol Super Jeep
Nissan Patrol Super Jeep
Skoppa & Skrýtla
Lincoln Navigator´s SUV
Our guides are passionate about icelandic nature, geography, history, sagas and folk stories and provide enlightening entertainment along the way.

Contact us now for further information on what we can offer, or if you want to create your own adventure. We will make it happen.

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