Kornskurðamánuður senn á enda. / Harvest time is coming to a close.

1st October 2020

Dear friends

We hope that you are well during these unprecedented times. 

Southcoast Adventure follow all guidelines and instructions, imposed by Directorate of Health and The Icelandic Tourist Board. All of our vehicles are sterilized with a steam machine after every tour. We put the safety of our guest first!  

This has proved to be an unfamiliar and uncertain time for the world as we face this global pandemic. Our thoughts and support are with anyone that has been affected by the virus. We are monitoring the situation closely and making our best efforts to keep our visitors and staff safe.

We warmly welcome guests travelling during these unusual circumstances and are eager to offer them a comfortable stay and a pleasurable trip.

Tvímánuður/ Twin months 

In traditional Viking times, the months were named according to the seasons and festivals and not as we know them now….so as you can see from the title of this blog, we are now ending the autumn harvest, sheep and horse round ups and the farmers are readying their stock and supplies ahead of the long, harsh winter.

The “twin months” is the fifth so called summer month according to the old Norse calendar.  This time always begins on the Tuesday of the 18thweek of summer around about 22 – 28thof August.  In Snorra-Eddu (manuscripts from the Prose Edda), the months following are known as Kornskurðarmánuður or Harvest months.

The Viking or Norse calendar was recorded in 2 manuscripts.  A manuscript called Bókarbót written in 1220 and another one known as Snorra-Edda and the months were named in accordance to Skáldskaparmálum (Prose or manuscript scribe).  The time frames for the months of the Viking and Norse calendar are not the same in both manuscripts.  In Bókarbót the fifth summer month falls between the 4thand 7thmonth of summer.  The name kornskurðarmánuður (Harvest months) is self explanatory as it is the time, as explained above, when the farmers bring the harvest in and do the livestock round ups. Páll Vidalin one of the writers of the manuscript, called them the “twin months” as there were 2 months left of the summer months as opposed to “one month” which marks the time when there is one month left of winter.

Gormánuður was the first month of winter and always began on the first day of winter which traditionally fell on a Saturday between 21stand 27thof October .  The name is loosely based on the slaughter time of livestock which were grass fed.  

Once the slaughter was done and the first winter nights and the actual official first day of winter had arrived then it was time to celebrate and good food and homemade alcoholic drinks were consumed in vast quantities.

So, a little history and some interesting facts for you!

Southcoast Adventure specializes in day trips as well as multiple day travels throughout Iceland.  Many options are available combining both the southern coast and the interior highlands.  Our superbly experienced guides are mostly based here in Hvolsvöllur and have an incredible amount of knowledge of the area as for many of them this is where they were born and raised and know the land very well.

We use specially upgraded and designed super jeeps for most of our trips and have all the equipment on board to tackle even the most challenging landscapes both in the summer and winter months. We are up for most anything – the more exhilarating the better! 

The trips we offer or tailor make are very often based on trips that we ourselves love to do or have interest in – places that we love and activities that thrill us as locals.  Taking our guests to both popular areas as well as hidden gems.  Our trips and itineraries are therefore both enjoyable for us and we are proud to offer them to friends, family and new guests.

Summer 2020 started off quieter than normally due to Covid 19, but then took off to a flying start once the borders were opened in mid June.  Our guests this summer also changed as many Icelanders were encouraged to travel “home” this year and this was also an exciting change for us.  These trips with locals put us in a good stead for the coming autumn and winter months and especially so when the country´s borders were tightened again and extra restrictions were put into place in late August. 

Onwards and upwards as the saying goes and we are preparing for our winter guests.

Winter is often considered to be the best time of year to catch a glance of the magnificent Northern Lights. 

We never get bored of the Northern Lights!  They are a must see whilst in Iceland and is one of the top reasons why people make a visit to Iceland in winter. However, please be aware that this natural phenomenal cannot be controlled or guaranteed. 

This time of the year is always a fantastic time to go on a glacier hike or visit a ice cave . This early in the winter the glaciers are transforming with the changing season. They begin to show their incredible bright blue colors again with the approaching cold weather.October- November is when the ice caves become accessible, but our great Katla ice cave is open all year around. The blues, textures and colors will leave you in awe. 

We are eagerly looking forward to brighter times and continued good working relationship. If you have any questions regarding the situation in Iceland or want to take full advantage and start planning your trip to Iceland later this year or 2021, you can get in touch with your travel expert today. Our team of local guides cannot wait to show you our country’s unforgettable natural beauty and adventures.

We look forward to meet you all again when times gets better.

On behalf of Southcoast Adventure

Ársæll Hauksson (Sæli)-Owner

Hvolsvöllur- 01.10.20